Able, Gifted & Talented

Our school aims to offer a secure and stimulating environment which meets the needs of individual pupils. Pupils who are ‘more able’ in one or more areas present particular challenges, including many who feel alienated from or pressurised by their age peers and those who engage in patterns of behaviour that may hide their abilities, leading to disaffection and underachievement.

We cannot assume that able pupils will automatically make appropriate progress: it depends on a range of environmental and personality factors, including supporting home, school and learning environments. To make sure that these pupils reach their potential, it is important to adopt and implement appropriate policies and practices to meet their educational and social needs. As for all other pupils, we aim to encourage and support the more able and talented through a broad based, relevant and challenging curriculum, encouraging the pursuit of excellence and celebrating the achievements of each pupil.

Children will be identified using a selection of the following methods:

  • Children who have exceeded their Early Learning Goals at the end of the Reception year
  • Children who join us part way through a school year who have been identified as exceeding age related expectations at their previous school at the end of t key stage previous key stage. Class teachers are aware of who is classed as able, gifted and talented for reading, writing and maths within their class. The register will be reviewed half termly at the pupil progress meetings.