Church & Worship

Our Church is…

St John’s the Evangelist C of E Church

Barkerhouse Road



Our Vicar is Rev Lorelli Hilliard.

We have a close relationship with our Church family.  We work as a team to support our families and community.

Lorelli leads worship in school each week and we all visit Church several times a year.

The PAIS Team come and lead a lunchtime club where the children are given chance to explore Bible stories, play games and generally have fun with Jesus.

The Church acts as a community hub.  We use the Church’s community  rooms to host meetings with outside agencies which we work with to support our children.

Mission Statement
Using Jesus’ example we aim to give our children ‘the roots to grow and the wings to fly’.

As a whole school community we have looked closely at the Christian Values which the Bible teaches us about. We had lots of discussion to make sure that we had the most suitable Christian Values at the heart of our everyday lives. In the end, we decided that 1 Corinthians was right when it says that the greatest value to possess is LOVE.

We have 5 statements which we believe will help us all to grow and develop as Christians and people. These are;






We have worked with an artist to develop a visual representation of our core value. It takes the form of a cross and vine, with Jesus at the roots of all we do.

We Worship every day in school.  Most times we are all together, at other times we will Worship with our classes or in Key Stages.

Lots of different people lead and take part in our services, including the children.  Family members are invited to join us every Friday and for other special services during the year.

So that everyone knows what themes we are particularly thinking of, information goes home at the start of each half term.  There will be a story to read, something to think about and an activity that all the family can engage in together.

The whole school took part in National Interfaith Week in November.

The aim was that we all learnt about the different faiths in our local community and beyond. During the week all the children were able to take part in a wide range of activities which enabled them to think and learn about;

– how we can be good friends with people of different faiths,

– what makes each faith unique and special, but also what things we all have in common and

– ways we can all understand each other better.

Badgers and Foxes classes studied Judaism and visited a synagogue, Otter class visited a mosque and a church to make comparisons, Owls learnt art and dance from a Hindu lady who came to school, Kestrels and Woodpeckers visited a local mosque and Hedgehogs had a visit from two ladies who talked about their own faiths – Christianity and Islam.

School Ethos Group

Our Ethos Champions have become an important part of  school life.  The first group was formed in 2016, with a new set of Champions putting themselves forward each year.  Our Ethos Champions have become an important part of  school life.  The first group was formed in 2016, with a new set of Champions putting themselves forward each year.

The whole school family came together to make Chistingles. Lots of parents came into school to work with their children to make them.  Lorelli and Andrew led the service, in school this year for a change, which was a great deal of fun. Lorelli explained what each part of the Christingle represented.

  • The orange represents the world.
  • The candle reminds Christians of Jesus who they believe to be the light of the world.
  • The red ribbon goes all round the ‘world’ and being the colour of blood, reminds Christians that Jesus died.
  • The four cocktail sticks could have either of two meanings; the four seasons or the four corners of the world.
  • The sweets (or sometimes dried fruit) remind Christians of God’s gifts to the world including kindness and love.

The foil is only there to catch waxy drips from the candle!