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Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Over the past 12 months, at House Meetings, the children have continually raised the issue of the school playground. Throughout the school, the children felt like they could have more to do during their free times. In January 2017, the children were challenged with making suggestions for what equipment they would like to see in a Trim Trail, if we could get one installed.

The teachers wanted to find out more about the value of children’s lunchtimes, so every class completed a questionnaire. We found that the children enjoyed being activity and doing exercise but did not link this with relaxation. Older children in the school thought that time to relax was important, but favoured watching television, playing computer games and being with friends over being active.

In February 2017, our new Trim Trail was installed onto the playground, which included some of the ideas the children had put forward. This was made possible by using the Sport Premium Funding and a generous donation from Friends of St John’s. We are very grateful for all the fundraising and effort that they put in to help contribute to this project.

Now the Trim Trail is installed, the teachers have spent Summer ‘1’ half term working with their classes to help the children to understand the value of physical activity to relaxation. Take a look at what we have been up to below!

This is what the children in Kestrels class had to say about the buddy benches:

I like the buddy benches because they are very colourful and comfortable. – Lucas L and Samuel

When someone is alone you can go over and say “would you like to play?” and then you can play a game that is fun and enjoyable. – Lucas W

The benches help me to make new friends. – Dawud

I can sit on the bench if I am sad or lonely and then someone will come and play with me. – Leon and Jessica