PE and Sport Premium

The PE and Sport Premium is funding that is designed to help Primary Schools improve the quality of the PE and sporting activities that they offer. In 2019/20, the amount of money allocated per school is £16,000 plus an additional payment of £10 per pupil in Years 1-6.

There are number of ways the money can be spent, and conditions on the purpose of the funding. Further information on these can be found by following this link:

In 2019/20 we intend to use the PE and Sports Premium to promote the importance of fitness and living healthy lifestyles to all our children beyond PE lessons. We want to ensure that being active remains an exciting, attractive and enjoyable prospect to the children in our school.

Using the PE and Sports Premium 2019/20

 Impact of the PE and Sport Premium in 2017/18

 Impact of the PE and Sport Premium in 2016/17

Impact of the PE and Sport Premium 2015/16