Year 3

Year 3 is taught by Mrs Hollas (Literacy, RE, PE and PSHE) and Mrs Walsh (Maths, History, Art / DT and Science). Mrs Hollas teaches on Tuesday, and Friday afternoons, Mrs Walsh teaches on Monday and Thursday afternoons and Mrs Hargreaves and Mr Brown support us in class every morning. Mrs Ruane teaches French or Music on a Wednesday afternoon along with ICT which is taught by Junior Jam.


Our PE lessons take place on Tuesday. Please ensure that your child has a full PE kit in school including pumps (trainers may be worn for outdoor PE only.) Earrings must be removed or taped for PE lessons and long hair must be tied back. PE kits will be sent home at the end of each half term.

Your child will also need trainers in school every Friday for Fitness Friday.

Reading and Times Tables

Home reading books can be changed at any playtime or lunchtime during the week when your child has finished their book. It is the child’s responsibility to do this themselves. Please support your child by listening to them read at least three times in a week and signing their record book. Reading books need to be brought into school every day.

Mrs Ruane opens the library on Tuesday every week at lunch time so that we are able to exchange our library books.

Your child has an individual maths target which is in their maths homework book. They are tested on this target every Friday. Please support your child by working with them on this target at least three times in a week and signing their record book. Maths  books need to be brought into school every day.


Children who have opted into homework will receive it at the beginning of each half term and it is expected that it will be completed throughout the half term.

They are also expected to play for 30 minutes each week on the Prodigy maths game or Times Tables Rock Star web sites. They are also expected to practice their individual math’s target and have their books signed at least 3x a week.

Children are also expected to read and have their home reading book signed at least 3x a week.

Please return your homework learning log every Wednesday.



This term we are investigating the Romans. We will become history detectives and find out why Claudius invaded wet and windy Britain from his warm home in Italy, how Rome was built, what the Romans did for us and how the Celts fought against them.




This term we are studying how humans and animals keep healthy. We will find out that animals, including humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition, and that they cannot make their own food. As we get our nutrition from what we eat, we will find out about the different food groups and the eatwell plate.

We will also find out about skeletons and muscles and how we need them for for support, protection and movement.

We worked in groups to sort out which animals are herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.


As part of the Building Bridges project, year 3 have been meeting up with year 3 from Castercliff. We had a great initial day where we all played team games at the Leisure Box in Brierfield. We then went to visit Castercliff and took part in lots of games and activities with our newly found friends.

Check out the fun we had below.


The Stone Age

In year 3 this half term we will be learning all about the Stone Age. We will be finding out about different periods of prehistory, the different houses the stone age people lived in and all about being hunter-gatherers.

In Science we will be studying rocks and soils. We will be finding out how the different types of rocks are formed and how we can identify them.

We have tested different rocks for their hardness, permeability and have completed acid tests on them. All of this information was used to help us to decide if the rock was igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic.

Have a look at some of our science investigations below: