Home of the Foxes

Year 5


Year 5 is taught by Miss Brown. Miss Wintersgill supports us in class also with our learning.

We are taught by Mr Pursglove and Mr Brown every Tuesday morning.


Our PE lessons take place on Fridays. Please ensure that your child has a full PE kit in school including pumps (trainers may be worn for outdoor PE only.) Earrings must be removed or taped for PE lessons and long hair must be tied back.


Mrs Ruane opens the library on Tuesday every week at lunch time so that we are able to exchange our library books.

Home reading books can be changed at any time during the week when your child has finished their book. It is the child’s responsibility to do this themselves. Please support your child by listening to them read at least three times in a week and signing their record book. Reading books need to be brought into school every day.


Children who have opted into homework will be given their homework on the first Friday back after half term. Within each section of the homework sheet their will be the knowledge and vocabulary that children will be expected to use and learn within the classroom. After this there will also be a task to complete in their learning log. This should be completed by the date given.


Your child has an individual maths target which is in their maths homework book. They are tested on this target every Thursday. Please support your child by working with them on this target at least three times in a week and signing their record book. Maths  books need to be brought into school every day. They are also expected to play for 30 minutes each week on the Prodigy maths game.


Your child should read for a minimum of 3 times per week, this can be signed by the child or an adult.

Please return your homework learning log every Wednesday, homework will be checked and returned on the Friday.

Our homework for this half term is ……

Year 5 – Spring 1 – Homework _knowledge organiser. (1)

Our novel this half term is …

Image result for the journey to the sea


Coming soon this half term …

Amazing Amazons

Spring term – Amazing Amazons

Throughout our Spring term we have looked at the physical and human features of both North and South America and made comparisons with the United Kingdom. We have held debates regarding the deforestation of the Amazon jungle and whether or not hosting the Olympics is good for a country. As Spring term continues we intend to continue looking at South America and develop our history skills by looking at the Ancient Mayan Civilisations.

Within our Science lessons we have been looking at the life cycles of a variety of different species, we are hoping to see some of these when we visit Chester zoo.

Autumn term – A Kingdom United

Throughout Autumn term we looked at the history and the influential people from our local area and school house teams. We looked at the houses of Marsden, Wycoller, Towenely and Gawthorpe. We ended our topic with a visit to Gawthorpe Hall and took part in a traditional Victorian Christmas. This was a very interesting trip and we made comparisons with the types of activities we took part in at Christmas time now.

Within our science lessons we carried out lots of practical experiments looking at different materials and made recommendations as to which would be most useful to festival organisers. We looked at which materials would be best to keep food warm, which would transport liquid the best, which would be strong enough.