As members of staff and Governors, we believe that we are getting it right in providing a quality, holistic education for our children.  We aim to give them to roots to grow and the wings to fly with Jesus as our role model.

However, the true test is by asking those that we serve – the children and their parents.

Keeping children safe, happy and engaged in their learning is our daily mission. We know that by providing them with quality experiences at primary school we will set them up for high school and beyond.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like some more information about our school.

I asked each class to finish the sentence – “Our school is special because…”

Below are their year groups and replies:

Hedgehogs – Reception.

“…I have kind friends” – Leila

“…when I choose my learning there are fun things to do” – Callum

Woodpeckers – Year 1

“…nobody hurts each other” – Lucas

“…it looks after us” – Harry

“…we learn so when we are an adult we know what to do” – Scarlett

“…of the Buddy benches” – Shane

“…it is safe” – Lewis

Kestrels – Year 2

“…we learn about Jesus” – Joey

“…we are a kind and loving school” – Thea

“…we follow the five values – Loving God, Loving Others, Loving Ourselves, Loving Learning, Loving Life ” – Dawud

“…we do tricky Maths challenges” – Jorja

Owls – Year 3

“…we have lovely teachers” – Elle Mae

“…all the children and teachers look after each other and it is full of the Holy Spirit” – Chloe

“…people respect us” – Ella

Otters – Year 4

“…we are a Church school and God is with us” – Brandon H

“…we do fun Art lessons” – Olivia

“…it is safe and fair” – Kian

Foxes – Year 5

“…it is safe and a family” – Sophie

“…it gives you challenges to test you” – Kasie

“…everyone is kind and teachers encourage us to do our best” – Libby

“…it is a friendly place to be” – Joel

Badgers – Year 6

“…the teachers are really helpful. They teach essential skills but try to make it as fun as possible” – Taylor

“…they make sure to prepare you for the next thing and do it realistically” – Thomas

“…we are all one big family who love and care for each other” – Fatimah

“…we all get equal attention when we need it” – Ava

“it is like a big second family who will always welcome you and cherish us” – Courtney

A Year 6 parent says:

“My child has learnt a lot about computers and how to use PowerPoint. Thanks for allowing parents to get involved in our child’s learning.”

A Year 4 parent says:

“This shared parent and child session helped us to get an understanding of what my child is learning. I enjoyed it. “