Welcome to Year 1 Woodpeckers!

Our class teacher is Miss Abrahams and our class is very lucky to be supported everyday by Miss Khan.

We are expected to read, at home, three times a week and books will be changed every Monday.

In the morning we have:

Phonics, Maths, Guided Reading and Literacy

In the afternoon we have: 

Worship, Wider Curriculum (Science, Art, DT, PE, History, Geography, PSHE and RE) and Phonics

Every Wednesday morning, Parents are invited in to class to sit and read with their child. This is from 8:45 until 9:05.

Our PE lessons will be taking place on a Tuesday afternoon. Children are expected to wear a full PE kit, including pumps. If you child wears earrings please remove these in the morning before school.

On Thursday mornings, we have Junior Jam to help us with our learning. In Junior Jam we do Computing, The Arts and Music.

Homework can be found on our Google Classroom, every Friday and is expected to be returned the following Wednesday.

Our Learning Journey:

Spring Term:

In Literacy this term, we have looked at classic stories and traditional tales. In Spring 1, our focus story was The Enormous Turnip. The children learnt the whole story through our story map and went on to write their own version of the story, changing the vegetable to one they had chosen. In Spring 2, we read a lot of traditional tales! Our focus tale was Cinderella. We learnt a shorter version of this story and then wrote our own version where she didn’t lose a glass slipper but instead she lost a pink trainer, her crown or a necklace! We used everything we had learnt from children to write and innovate (change) our own version of Little Red Riding Hood.

In Maths this term, we have built on our Mathematical skills by revisiting number and place value, measurement in the form of mass and length, 2D and 3D shape, Money, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division and Time. We loved using our mathematical equipment and continued to develop our methods for solving mathematical problems.

In our Wider Curriculum learning this term, we looked at the United Kingdom and loved finding out all about the different capital cities. We also had a history topic looking at toys from the past. We went on our very first trip to the Blackburn Toy Museum and saw lots of old toys! We even got to make our own toy! In science, we looked at different materials and carried out lots of experiments to find out the different properties of each material. We learnt all about how to make levers, in DT, and used our learning to help us make very special Mother’s Day and Easter cards for our families!

Autumn Term

In Literacy this term, we have looked at two different stories. In Autumn 1, we focused on ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. We learnt this story off by heart and went on to write our own versions, as well as a non-chronological report all about penguins! In Autumn 2, our focus story was ‘Zog’ by Julia Donaldson. We learnt the story off by heart and loved finding new words to describe all the different dragons in the story. We wrote a diary, in the role of Zog, and incorporated using capital letters for days of the week and exclamation marks.

In Maths this term, we have started to look at number and place value, addition and subtraction, measurement (length and mass/weight), geometry, sequencing and sorting, fractions, capacity and volume, money and time. We used lots of practical equipment in our learning and started to develop new methods to find out the answers to mathematical problems.

In our Wider Curriculum learning this term, we have been looking at our local area in Geography, we went on a local walk to our Church where Reverend Lorelli gave us a tour of the church. In Science, we looked at animals including humans and the seasons, African drumming and music theory in Music, drama and dance in The Arts, creating music and programming in Computing. In PE we have been doing Athletics and in PSHE we have been looking at ourselves and behaviour.

In the Autumn term, we had Food Week where we used our DT skills to design and make fruit kebabs. Our Art focus was on drawing and we looked at the work of the famous artist Louis Wain, who was famous for drawing cats as people!

Our RE focus for the Autumn term was; Harvest, Creation and Christmas. We celebrated Harvest as a whole school and we brought in food that was donated to the local food bank. We looked at the creation story and learnt all about how God created the Earth in seven days. We then learnt the Christmas story and the birth of Jesus, and along with Reception and Year 2, we performed The Nativity story for the rest of the school, our families and friends!

Year 1 Curriculum Map

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