Welcome to Year 3. We are also known as the Owl's Class. 

Our teacher is Miss Gallagher.

We are supported by Mrs Wintersgill in the morning.

Our PE day is Thursday. Please make sure that your child brings their PE kit, including pumps on that day.

If your child has pierced ears, please remove the earrings before school on the morning of PE. 

Water bottles need to be brought into school each day, they should be taken home and cleaned each night. 

Reading books need to be brought into school each day as the children will be read to multiple times per week. Reading books will be changed on Tuesday and Thursday each week. As long as their Home Reading Journal has been signed three times by an adult at home and they have finished the book then they can choose another one. 

If you have opted in to homework, then this can be found each Friday on the Year 3 Google Classroom. This needs to be completed and submitted by the following Friday. Maths homework will also be set and marked on Fridays, as long as it has been completed and signed by parents/guardians.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and speak to us. 

A typical morning in Year 3 - 

SHINE, Phonics, Guided Reading, Maths and Literacy. 

In the afternoon - 

Worship and Wider Curriculum (Art, Science, French, History, Geography, PSHE, RE, and DT). 

Growth Mindset

In Year 3, we love our children to be independent learners. We have talked about what it means to have a Growth Mindset and understand the power of 'Yet.' We know that learning may be tricky and that we can't always do things - yet! If we keep trying and practising our skills we will continue to make super progress.  We know this works by the number of house points and certificates that we achieve.

Our Learning

Take a look at our curriculum map below which details what we learn in each subject over the course of the year. Here we are enjoying the different topics we learn. Keep an eye out for pictures and information showing our learning.  

Year 3 Curriculum Map

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In Science we have learnt about animals including humans. We looked at what animals need to survive and stay healthy and the different types of skeletons. We can name advantages and disadvantages of these too! 

In Literacy we are reading The Iron Man. This leads up to us writing our own narrative. We have done lots of spoken language within our lessons to help us to be better writers! We enjoy sharing our ideas and hearing each other's ideas too!

In Guided Reading last week, we swapped groups and read a class reading book together. We spoke first about what we predicted the book would be about and we helped each other when we found something tricky! Take a look at us working hard with our partner. 

This week in Guided Reading, we orally rehearsed a poem in our groups. We used actions as well as words to help us to remember the words. We enjoy working as a team and performing to others in class! We hope to invite parents and guardians into school next half term to watch our performances!



Keep an eye out for updates and pictures!