Our Church is…

St John’s the Evangelist C of E Church

Barkerhouse Road

Our Vicar is Rev Lorelli Hilliard.

We have a close relationship with our Church family. We work as a team to support our families and community.

Lorelli leads worship in school  and we all visit Church several times a year.

The Church acts as a community hub. We use the Church’s community  rooms to host meetings with outside agencies which we work with to support our children.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is taken from Ephesians 3 in the New Testament. 

“We ask that Christ will live in our hearts through faith making us rooted and grounded in LOVE.”

As a whole school community we have looked closely at the Christian Values which the Bible teaches us about. We had lots of discussion to make sure that we had the most suitable Christian Values at the heart of our everyday lives. In the end, we decided that 1 Corinthians was right when it says that the greatest value to possess is LOVE.

We have 5 statements which we believe will help us all to grow and develop as Christians and people. These are;






We have worked with an artist to develop a visual representation of our core value. It takes the form of a cross and vine, with Jesus at the roots of all we do.


We Worship every day in school. On Monday and Tuesday we are all together, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we worship within our classes or Key Stages. 

Lots of different people lead and take part in our services, including the children. Family members are invited to join us every Friday and for other special services during the year.

All our children from Year 2 to Year 6 are trained to deliver in-class worship. We use Picture News to promote discussion and application of our faith into things happening in the world. 

Each of our classrooms has a reflection area with a cross-school theme. There are activities, books and resources for children to access and engage with in a way that suits their spiritual development. 

Our regular newsletter shares prayers and Bible quotations in the hope of deepening the link between school, Church and home.