Welcome to Otter class!

Miss Gallagher, Miss Earnshaw and Mr Brown look forward to working with Year 4 to help them to achieve their goals. Please take a look at our Curriculum Map to see what we will be learning about throughout the course of the school year. 


On our Otter's page, you can discover all about our learning.

What does our week look like? 

Everyday we will engage in a Maths and an English Literacy lesson. These will usually be completed in the morning, except for Thursdays mornings when we Junior Jam, an educational supplier coming into school to deliver the computing, drama and music lessons (which Year 4 love!). 

Also, daily we will complete a spelling/ phonics session and we gather, either virtually as a class, or with the rest of the school in the hall, to participate in our Worship activities.

The Otters have completed a debate unit in their English literacy lessons. We have looked at a variety of debate texts, have identified the structure, We aim to use all of the writing techniques that we have practiced in all of our future writing where possible, e.g. fronted adverbials, complex sentences and Standard English! we have used our new knowledge to plan and write a debate of our own - Should junk food be banned for children? We had some very strong points for for and against, this made some brilliant debates!

In Maths, we are learning about decimals! We can now identify the value of each digit to two digit places. We have all made place value concertinas which made this much easier to do as it was more visual. We add new vocabulary and examples of questions to our Maths working wall each day to help us to remember and store the new learning. We will soon be moving on to measure, volume and capacity - The Otters always look forward to a challenge!

The Otters have really enjoyed their History studies! We have recently studied the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. We have found out about why they invaded and how they became settlers. Rothgar the Viking has recently visited us at St John's, he taught us lots of facts about the Vikings, we got to dress up, take part in story telling and even look at artefacts! We had lots of fun and we hope he visits us again soon. 

In DT we have been learning how to create aprons, we have looked at the uses and durability of a range of aprons. We then drew three designs and chose one as our final piece. We then learn the running stitch and used this skill to create our own apron!


Each week, Miss Gallagher will set a homework assignment on Google Classroom. This will be relating to a relevant topic learnt about previously. Homework will be set on Friday to be completed by the following Friday.

Reading homework

Home reading books can be changed weekly. Each child has a reading record which will need to be signed three times a week.

Water bottles

Children should bring a water bottle into school each day, this should only be filled with water and not juice. The children should take them home each night to be cleaned and reflled.


Swimming lessons are a part of the school curriculum for all children in year 4. On swimming days (Thursday) ,the children will need to bring with them the following kit;

  • Swimming costumes (Boys should wear swimming shorts not long shorts that fall below the knee. Girls' costumes should be a one piece)
  • Swimming hats for those with shoulder length hair
  • Towel
  • Plastic bag for clothes

Year 4 Curriculum Map

Y4 Curriculum Map 2021/2022

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