We are Otters!

Year 4 Otters are taught by Mr Spirydowicz, Miss Earnshaw and Mr Brown.

Here you can discover all about our learning.

What does our week look like? 

Everyday we will engage in a Maths and an English Literacy lesson. These will usually be completed in the morning, except for Thursdays mornings when we Junior Jam, an educational supplier coming into school to deliver the computing, drama and music lessons. 

Also, daily we will complete a spelling/ phonics session and gather either as a class or with the rest of the school to participate in our Worship activities.


The Otters are currently working on the Fairtales English literacy unit. We have read and explored The Pied Piper of Hamelin story and have used the plot to plan and write our own versions with our own twist. We aim to use all of the writing techniques that we have practiced, e.g. fronted adverbials, direct speech or the use of pronouns and adverbs. 

The Otters have really enjoyed their Geography studies! From writing news articles about Mountains and volcanoes  to making their own maps , they have gathered much knowledge about this important natural phenomenon .

Maths homework

Children will have an individual maths homework record which will clearly state an individual daily target. In year 4,these targets tend to focus on the timetables.

Reading homework

Home reading books can be changed weekly. Each child has a reading record which will need to be signed three times a week.

Please find the spring homework attached here.


Swimming lessons are a part of the school curriculum for all children in year 4. On swimming days (Thursday) ,the children will need to bring with them the following kit;

  • swimming costumes (boys should wear swimming shorts not long shorts that fall below the knee.Girls costumes should be a one piece)
  • swimming hats for those with shoulder length hair
  • Towel
  • Plastic bag for clothes

In our spring DT topic, Year 4 have enjoyed making some fabulous aprons. Learning how to design and stitch.

In  Art we made our very own monet style cards.  We used different brush and painting techniques to recreate the monet effect!