Hi, welcome to our School Council! 

As a school, we are in partnership with the Smart School Council charity. With their guidance our aim is to help every child to engage and lead change in their world through democracy. We have achieved this by supporting pupil voice starting form Reception all the way up to Year 6. We are creating a positive, exciting, new atmosphere around school. This new venture, that the academy have approved, is 100% child led. The children decided the questions that are asked in school and they decided how to overcome them. Our school council is split between a communication group and an action group. The both groups meet weekly. The communication group facilitate the classroom meetings. They think up the questions from the feedback they get from these meetings. This feedback is then fed back to the action group. The action group then takes the next steps forward. 


For more information about the Smart School Council charity, you can visit their website. https://home.smartschoolcouncils.org.uk/