Smart School Council

Our school is proud to be in partnership with the Smart School Council. 

With their guidance, our aim is to encourage and nurture pupils voice and to introduce democracy to young people. We achieve this by supporting pupil voice starting form Reception all the way up to Year 6. We are creating a positive, exciting, new atmosphere around school.

Miss Thompson and Miss Gallagher meet with the school council half termly, where the children create a question that aims to improve a certain aspect of the school. The school council team then provide options for the rest of the school to vote on. Meetings are then held in each class by the school council members where the key question is asked and votes are recorded. Based on the results, an action is agreed and shared with the rest of the school.

Examples of what the children have asked so far:

During lunch time, what could we do to reduce the noise when we have finished eating in the hall?

How can we make sure that the the lunch time play bags are kept tidy?

How can we make more use of the outdoor reflection area? 

Examples of actions that have been taken:

The most popular vote was to give stickers to children sitting smartly, so the school council rewards children in the hall for doing so. 

The most popular vote was for school council to rotate the play time bags to the next class on Friday lunch times. Year 5 school council and Year 6 school council take turns in doing this each week. 

The most popular vote was to do an activity during the golden ticket lunch time club where children can create things for the reflection area. So far, they have created bird feeders and painted pebbles. 

Clink on the link below to see the results from the other class meetings so far. 

School council results and actions

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If you have any questions about the school council, please do not hesitate to come and speak to either Miss Thompson or Miss Gallagher.