Traffic Light Letters

Each term your child will receive a letter regarding their attendance.

Green = 96+% attendance

Amber = 90 – 95.9% attendance

Red = 89.9% or less.

100% Attendance

If your child gets 100% attendance in a year, they will receive an award at the end of the year.

Well done to all those children who got 100% attendance last year – what a fantastic achievement!

Class Attendance Winners

Each week the class with the best attendance wins a £5.00 note. These are collected over the year and can then be spent on something for the children to take up with them to their next class!

Last year some of the classes bought pencil cases and books.

Some of the money also goes towards an end of year party!

If you are wondering how your class is doing, check the display in the corridor by the office.

The weekly winning class will be put on the newsletter.