At Great Marsden St John's, we offer a range of activities to compliment our curriculum offer. 


Lunchtimes With Coach Chloe

Each day, Coach Chloe from Sportscool works with each class during lunchtime to engage the children with a range of physical activities. Coach Chloe is very popular with the children and gets everyone involved with games such as "megatig", football, dodgeball and other playground game. 

"Sportscool is helpful because it teaches us to get along and play well together as a team, which leads to better friendships."  Lucy

"We like playing mega-tig, football and dodgeball which teaches us tactics and skills." Aaron

"Sportscool is great because it helps us to get in our exercise and makes us run!" Payton

"Coach Chloe is great because she always has something new to do every week and we never get bored!" Aaliyah 

"I think having Coach Chloe helps us to be more active and we learn new skills. I really like it." Julia

After School Clubs With Sportscool

Every Monday and Tuesday Sportscool run a range of clubs, with a different sport and year group each half term. This year we have enjoyed tri-golf, cheerleading, archery, multi-skills and gymnastics.  

"I like Cheer because I like the pompoms."  Lily

"Cheerleading helps you to get your confidence up and it also helped me with better balancing because we were doing jumps." Ruby

"Archery is fun that allows us to learn extra skills outside of the curriculum, like loading an arrow into a bow!" Harley

"Archery was great because we did challenges" Lucas

"Every week at Archery I kept getting better and better. It taught me patience and to never give up" Faith


Choir with Miss Gallagher

In the choir, we meet weekly to encourage children to spread joy through song. Each year we take part in the Let’s Go Sing event. This event bring together hundreds of schools from all around Lancashire. We sing song about hope and the future, as well as some fun song with great actions! We even learn one song in sign language!

In choir we did singing because we were practicing for our trip to Blackburn to sing to people on stage. I enjoyed learning songs to sing also getting to sing with my friends. – Archie

Choir is enjoyable, as you practise songs for a concert and it helps you to be more confident in front of people. – Riley

In choir we sing very loudly and perform on a stage. It is really fun and you can do your dream. Choir helped me be more confident and less scared of singing in front of people. Also the warm ups are really fun! - Arfah

Let's Go Sing

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