Governance at Great Marsden St John’s Primary

Our school joined Cidari Multi Academy Trust on 31st July 2015.  Cidari was established in November 2013 is part of the Blackburn Diocese.  For further information please visit

The organisational structure of the Trust ensures rigour and accountability at ever level. Cidari has a highly skilled Board of Trustees, approved by the Department for Education. Cidari has a very small group of Members who are named for legal purposes. Members hold the Trust board to account for the effective governance of the Trust. All Trustees and Members are volunteers without any financial benefit 

The Board of Trustees delegate decision making for certain functions to a Local Governing Committee for each Academy.  In Cidari, each Academy has a Local Governing Committee (LGC).  The LGC ensure that the needs of the Academy are monitored closely, especially around Academy  

Our current Local Governing Committee is made up of eight people. Four are Foundation Governors; Mrs Barnes, Mr Stone and Canon Durham. We currently have a vacancy for a Foundation Governor. Two are Parent Governors; Mr Sansam and Mrs Bevan. Two are staff Governors; Miss Jefferies and Mrs Underwood. You can read more about each member below.

Anne Barnes Foundation Governor and Vice Chair 12.10.15
Canon Daphne Durham Foundation Governor and Chair of the LGC 14.09.15
Michaela Underwood Headteacher 14.09.15
Ralph Stone Foundation Governor  14.09.15
Katie Jefferies Staff Governor 14.09.2018
Martin Sansam Parent Governor 05.03.2018
Jessica Bevan Parent Governor 05.03.2018


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Governance Documents

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