Why do we teach Geography?

We want our children to be reflective, inquisitive learners who are inspired to be excellent global citizens. Geography helps children to understand the physical world, such as land, air, water, and ecology. It also helps them to understand human environments, such as societies and communities. Thinking, speaking and writing like a Geographer helps to broaden minds and encourages an understanding of different countries and cultures in the world around them and beyond. 

How do we teach Geography? 

The areas of Geography we investigate at Great Marsden have been selected from the National Curriculum with an eye to developing our children's understanding of their place in the wider world. Our children also find out about their local area and then broaden their understanding of where their home town sits in the UK, Europe and the world. They have opportunities to contrast their locality with others around the globe through the use of primary sources such as field work and secondary sources such as digital and physical maps, atlases, globes, photographs and books.

We work hard to ensure that the diet we offer is robust, enabling the children to learn the who, what, where, when and how of geographical understanding by developing sound substantive and disciplinary knowledge. A variety of teaching approaches such as whole-class lessons, group, paired and individual work are experienced by pupils during their lessons to allow a cooperative learning approach. 

The curriculum provides children with opportunities to reflect upon both human and physical features and to evaluate the impact humanity has upon our planet. It helps children to realise that we all share the same planet and we should know more about what makes us similar as well as different. 

Geography subject leader - Miss Thompson

I am our new Geography subject leader from September 2023, taking over from Mrs Underwood. I am currently teaching in Year 5 and have always had a passion for exploring the world around us so it feels very natural to take on this additional role. I am looking forward to taking part in a range of subject leadership training to ensure our curriculum continues to remain progressive and personalised to our school and community.

Geography Statement

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Geography Curriculum Overview

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