We are preparing children for jobs that have not yet been invented, in order to solve problems, we don’t even know are problems yet.

– Richard Riley (former US Secretary of Education)

In this technological age, computers are at the forefront of our modern lives and our main aim, at Great Marsden St John’s, is to ensure that children are safe users of technology. We educate children to be mindful, active producers of technology. Children need to navigate the online world safely, maturely and sensitively; ensuring they use their critical, ‘computational thinking’ skills when present with a range of modern day views and information that will enable them to participate effectively and safely in the wider world.

We recognise that as a school we have a responsibility to prepare the pupils for the future by improving their knowledge and understanding of how imperative technology is as an aid to learning and the real world beyond.

Our Computing lessons are currently taught by Junior Jam. They provide teaching and resources for engaging Computing lessons that all the children look forward to.

In the Autumn Term, GMSJ will be learning how to make music on a computer and programming.

In the Spring Term, GMSJ will be learning animation and how to use Office, as well as photography.

In the Summer Term, GMSJ will be learning all about digital safety and how to be safe online, as well as taking a look at the progression of technology over time.

2023/24 Computing Documents

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