Welcome to our Literacy page.


Here at Great Marsden St. John’s, we recognise the important part that Literacy plays in our learning across the whole curriculum. At the heart of this is reading, which you can find out more about on our dedicated ‘Reading’ page. It also however covers the other aspects of listening, speaking, spelling and writing. 


On this page you will find out what each class is learning in Literacy throughout the year. 

We have tried to ensure that throughout school children will encounter a wide range of narrative, non fiction and poetry texts. 


In our Literacy units we begin by looking at examples of real texts, such as ‘The Spider and the Fly’ poem in Year 3, ‘The Enormous Turnip’ in Year 1 or Biographies linked to Barnum in Year 6. We look at the characters, events or information in the texts followed by analysing the structure and language used within it. 

This information is then applied to the children’s own writing which they will model on the texts they have read. In this way, throughout the whole unit, the children will cover all the aspects of Literacy mentioned above.

Literacy Curriculum Documents

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EYFS Literacy Map

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