As a church school, educating children about Christianity and other World Faiths is at the heart of RE teaching. We know our community well and our RE curriculum reflects the diverse multi-faith population which we serve. We follow the Blackburn Diocese RE curriculum which is based around Emma Yarlett's amazing "Big Frieze" artwork. Our aim is that through an enquiry approach, we provide a curriculum that is rich and varied, enabling learners to acquire a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Christian and other World Faiths, so that they are equipped to encounter life's many experiences.Take a look at our own interpretation of The Big Frieze in the slideshow at the bottom of this page!  

In addition to RE lessons, every day we take part in worship. This takes many forms including: whole school worship; key stage worship; in-class worship and sung worship. We also have reflection areas in each classroom and outside, which the children can access throughout the day for moments of quiet and contemplation. Take a look at the Church and Worship webpage to find out more about how we develop children's spirituality. 

RE Documents

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